Maafushi, derawannya Maldives (Part 1 of my Maldives trip) 

Here we go. I’m writing my super ordinary trip to Maldives. It was started with my-super-duper-crazy trip friends ask promo tickets from Tigerair singapore – male all around 230usd. Affordable, right? 

So there you go FIRST tips, subscribe your email (i suggest your-not-so-professional-thing email) to all airlines. 😊

Then find a hotel. SECOND tips, for me is the best. You can book hotels without payment first and most of it free cancellation (read all the details while you are doing the book). 

Why i’m going straight to the hotel? Since i don’t do fancy hotels, i’m backpacker style so i limit my budget. While doing it, we found several options, several island.. 

So we decide to limit max.1 mio rupiah per night. And we will stay at Maafushi island and Hulhumale or Male island. We found a hotel within a budget. 

So we are too busy working.. (This is not exaggerating, literally do) then it’s come to the 1,5 month before leaving. We check again the hotel. And i found reference from Travel blog pergi dulu and read about Maldives. We change our hotel booking to the recommendation one Ocean Vista in Maafushi but still use Vimela Hotel for Hulhumale.

So here is our trip.. This time we didn’t do iten things before going to this trip. Well, i least we know where to go but not knowing what to do. Very rare for both ESTJ person. 

Day 1, 12 May 2015

Well, we travelled to Singapore at 7.30pm and stayed at changi the whole nite. Some advice for terminal 2 : 

  • Please do use sweater or jacket. 
  • There is a bunch of sofa or place to bunk in. Near big screen or near charger station. 
  • Or if’s necessary bring your own sleeping bag. 
  • Don’t forget to eat
  • Or you can use airport hotel or airport bed around 130sgd for double or 50sgd per bed

Day 2, 13 May 2015

After breakfast and did some photo session (yes, we played ‘tourist thing’ 😎) 

Our flight start at 9.30am singapore time and landed 11.20am maldives time. It’s 4,5 hours travel with 3 hours difference from singapore or 2 hours from Jakarta. 

This is THIRD Tips, if you do check your booking please tick the hotel pick you up from airport. It’s easier. 

We don’t picked up by the hotel so we are trying to use public ferry and it’s hard to find. So we use taxi around 25 rufiyaah. (Please do change currency on airport around 1usd = 15 rufiyaah and you can exchange again later but keep the receipt) 

Then we offered to do speedboat for 30 minutes by 20 usd compare to public boat 1,5 hours by 20 rufiyaah. Since we are too tired, then let’s go! 

Lunch just in front of the ferry terminal, eat some local food and taste good. Please do eat there if you are insist do something like us 😆

We travelled to Maafushi and of course take my anti sea sick pills. (Yes i’m beach person!) 

We arrived!!! And it’s local island with a lot of small hotels and guest house. Just like derawan. 

We found our hotel or maybe better called it guest house. A good one. 

We slept! Finally a bed! 3 hours ! 

At 5pm we did walking around the island and find out the beaches is so-so. And we found a prison there. Kinda scary. 

In front of our guest house, Ocean Vista. We find the best spot for sunset. 

So we sat down there and enjoy the view although it’s bit disappointed with all the rubbish there. 

We ate at the hotel. After comparing some place, i think all the food is the same 😁

Well, decide to do snorkling tomorrow and going the resort on friday. We booked the trip on the hotel. FOURTH tips, please do check to other trip organizer near hotel and please do bargain. Especially this time is not peak season. 

Day 3, 14 May 2015

8am breakfast and planned to go snorkling at 9am. But it’s windy and not a good time to do snorkling. So it’s postponed to after lunch. 

We go to the beach around the island. 

We found the trip organiser and cheaper than the hotel. FIFTH TIPS, do compare with the others trips organiser.Well, since we believe on gentleman agreement, we don’t cancel. But we take sailing trip here with 30usd per person. Sailing!! 

Snorkling is fun. We found nemo and turtles. But it’s same like Derawan, north Kalimantan. So for me it’s not too excited. 

Sailing was a great experience. 

We sailed to a bunk beach. An white sand island. 

So we go back to Maafushi and had a first sunset since yesterday sunset didn’t visible. 

And again, had dinner at hotel. 
There you go first part of my trip and tips. 

Will do continue later!

Happy travelling! 


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