Kandooma, Maratuanya Maldives (part 2 of Maldives trip) 

Here we go the second part of my super-ordinary-trip to Maldives.

Day 4 : 15 may 2015

Well, if you googling or searching, Maldives mostly pictured with beautiful beaches and a nice resort. So i need to experienced that thing. 

We choose Holiday Inn Resort. Due to the closest from Maafushi (12 minutes) and i’ve ever experienced Holiday Inn in Phuket. So we go there for whole day.

SIXTH tips : you can compare with other resorts. But Holiday Inn is the best for you who bring kiddos. The pool and beaches is kids friendly. If you want to stay, rate around 500usd per night per room, and all you can eat and drink. So if you want to have fancy trip, resort should be your thing. 

We need to spend 150usd one day per person (yeah, i know how to spend money right? 😅) 50usd for entrance fee and 100usd like your deposit. If you spend less, you can’t have it back. If you spend more, you need to pay again. I only left 1usd.. See, i’m that good. That was only for lunch, drinks mocktail and dinner 😆

We did some activities like swimming, tanning, watching people who do surfing, and absolutely taking a lot of great pictures. (Yes, i’m good at this!)


The beach is like Maratua island in Derawan. Has a white sand and nice resort. Well, this is world class resort compare to Maratua. 

One of best moment was when you find another Indonesian beside my travel partner. There is 3 Indonesian girls working there. They were so nice.. They said it’s not easy working here but they were so grateful since the benefit is good for them. 

So here is the sunset before leaving Kandooma island. 


Day 5 : 16 May 2015

We are going to main island. We think it’s Male then turns out it’s Hulhumale (the same island with airport). 

SEVENTH TIPS: please do make sure your island and please update the hotel your arrival time so they can pick you up. 

We did the speedboat again at 9am to Hulhumale/Male, while other couple do public ferry at 8am to Male island.  And please do take the sea sick pills. 😂

Arrived on the airport, we are trying to find taxi on the information but they called the hotel to pick us. 

Anyway, at airport you can find several small plane which taking you to other small island.

So stayed at Vimela Beach, a good one, just in front of the beach. So slept for 3 hours (again) then we had a lunch and coffee-hot choco time. For coffee, we donate not pay for it. Nice place with good decoration. We had a chance seeing Kids day celebration on the beach. 

 NINETH TIPS : do search on tripadvisor for restaurants. It’s only 8 of them 😆 

The beach is like Sanur beach at Bali. 

Day 6 : 17 May 2015

We are leaving Maldives.

   Small airport yet they have Dome Cafe here!!! 😍  TEN TIPS : please buy your ‘oleh-oleh’ here. But choose wisely, tshirt is 25usd with poor printing quality. And use your free internet wisely. It’s only 5minutes 😂 and please do regulary check your flight schedule since we didn’t quite heard the announcement. 

We board and wait for 30minutes on a plane due to busy traffic. I think all flight schedule is too tight. Well, i forgot to mention that you directly can see the beach after you go out from the airport. 

So.. That’s it my super-ordinary trip.. 

Next post will be my humble opinion on beach comparison and final recommendation! 

Thank you! Happy travelling! 


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