My Recommendation for Maldives trip

Here we go my recommendation for Maldives trip. 

1. If you are travel with backpacker style, you can use my itinerary. With budget 564USD include meals, transport and hotel. Exclude airplane cost. (Please check my previous post for more details)

2. If you are on honeymoon, please spend one or two nights on the resort. Choose within your budget and your preference. If you like snorkling, you can find a resort with a good snorkling area. 

3. If you are travelling with kids, find a kids friendly resort like Holiday Inn Resort. This is based on experienced from a moms. Usually kids friendly will be good for elderly traveller

My Humble Opinion about Maldives :

They have vary type of resorts, better on transportation also facilities,  more usd friendly, and good marketing campaign. Compare to Derawan (based on my experience)

But if you looking for coral reef, more vary fishes, please choose Indonesian beaches. Also you don’t have to think your itinerary,usually the travel organizer already prepare for all your itinerary and join a grup trip for sharing cost. But you can modify for private trip. I do hope, Indonesian goverment can improve the facility and create better campaign. 

Again, it’s my humble opinion based on my experience. Or maybe it’s because i’ve seen Derawan before Maldives? But i did a backpacker style in Derawan. So it should be apple-to-apple 😄😊

So see you again, my fellow travelmate. 

Happy travelling. Keep travelling! 


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